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21 November, 2013

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The Legend of Equip > Pants is a pantsventure RPG for busy people who appreciate only the choicest, most delicious puns. It takes place in an alternate universe where an old man in a cave would hand Link some wooden underwear instead of a sword (if there were old men living in caves). The game unveils itself as a series of brief episodes because who has the energy to stay invested in 40-hour long RPG plots anymore? I sure don't.


The Legend of Equip > Pants is an ongoing journey of Zachary Johnson (Zachstronaut) that began as a demo made in seven days for the Experimental Gameplay Project theme "Bare Minimum." The core pun of the ultra-minimal RPG Equip > Pants has left Zachary cursed with an endless stream of even more foolish wordplay, leading him to work on a spin-off in the adventure genre. Thanks to a partnership with OST composer Christopher Winter and the help of friends, Zachary finished episodes 1 and 2 of The Legend of Equip > Pants, resulting in his first commercial game release. The series opened to over 6,000 players its first weekend, earning press from Touch Arcade, a Pocket Gamer review, and the honor of Free iOS Pick from IndieGames.com. Since then, the game has been played by over 120,000 people!! Stay tuned as Legend of Equip > Pants delves deeper into the action RPG genre in future episodes.

Legend of Equip > Pants was released for the Google Chrome Web Store on December 19, less than a month after the game launched on the Apple App Store. A special Panta Claus episode was added to the game for both iOS and Chrome. In just the first month, over 15,000 people went on the pants-filled adventure.


  • Pants
  • Lack thereof
  • 15-20 minute stories, perfect for a quick RPG fix
  • So many pants pun that you might even laugh
  • Many NPCs to meet, like the Pantsmith and Underweartaker
  • Secrets, puzzles, pants puns


Legend of Equip Pants Episodes 1 + 2 Trailer YouTube

Legend of Equip Pants Teaser YouTube

Panta Claus Episode Teaser YouTube



Awards & Recognition

  • "Free iOS Pick - IndieGames.com" Legend of Equip Pants, November 22, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Free iOS Pick"
    - Tim W., IndieGames.com - The Weblog
  • "'Tis the season to die horribly in the snow"
    - AndrĂ¡s Neltz, Kotaku
  • "5/5 ... very silly ... in that old Lucas Arts adventure game sort of way"
    - Jasmine Rea, Cult of Mac
  • "4/5 ... puntastic ... truly something else"
    - Lucy Ingram, 148Apps
  • "Slightly chafing ... hugely entertaining"
    - Matt Thrower, Pocket Gamer
  • "Pants of the Year 2013"
    - Troll, Swipe.jp
  • "Best Role Pants Game 2013"
    - Editor, iPhone GameCast

About Zachstronaut LLC

Zachstronaut LLC is the home of creative developer Zachary Johnson. He spends his time trying to find balance between making games and making things for the web. Sometimes those two things even overlap. Legend of Equip > Pants is his first independent commercial video game release.

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More information on Zachstronaut LLC is available on zachstronaut.com.

Legend of Equip Pants Credits

Zachary Johnson
Game Designer/Developer/Pixel Artist
Zachstronaut LLC

Christopher Winter

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